About Us

Hi, I am Samiksha Singhal, your Tarot Card Reader & Distant Healer and I am thrilled to have you at Happy Soul Tarot.

Happy Soul Tarot is a place of spirituality and holistic living. We provide services towards various types of Distance Healing, Cartomancy, and Training for Cartomancy and other divination tools such as Automatic Writing. We also take live meditation sessions via video calls.

We, at Happy Soul Tarot, work towards providing guidance and help to anyone looking to make changes to their life in the most natural way possible. We encourage our clients to be completely open about their expectations, fears, doubts, thoughts, etc., as it helps us to understand what areas you can work on more with the help of divination tools, divine guidance and breathe-work (Breathing exercises).

We encourage you to go through our services to make an informed decision towards which service would best suit your needs, or to get in touch with us for the same. Availing a service is as easy as any other online shopping experience.

Contact us to begin a serene and cleansing experience. 

Love, happiness and light.

– Samiksha Singhal, Happy Soul Tarot.