What are you selling in the shop?

Happy Soul Tarot offers services with respect to Tarot, Angel and Oracle Card Readings, Different types of Distance Healing, Pendulum Dowsing, Automatic Writing and Workshops for Tarot Interpretation and Automatic Writing.

Which is the best type of card reading or healing session for me?

Under each category, different card reading, healing and divination services are available. Every service has a description within, that allows one to read about the service available, the session details, what happens within the session, and the price for the service. You can make an informed decision as to which is the best service that suits your situation. Or, you can connect with us through the contact page, and we can guide you as to which service would best work for you.

How do I book a service?

Select a service and add to cart. Once you have selected all the services you wish to avail, place your order, fill in your details and choose a payment method, proceed towards checkout. Once the payment is processed, your booking is confirmed via e-mail.

What happens after I have made a booking?

After you have received the confirmation email, you can email us at enquiry@happysoultarot or contact on +91 97392 39736 to select a date and time for your session.

How does a session take place?

Card reading sessions are offered over a Zoom video call, WhatsApp voice notes or E-mail. Images of your spreads are shared with you, irrespective of the mode of the reading.

Healing sessions are given at an agreed upon time for the mentioned number of days, as it is important for the person receiving the healing to be aware of the healing being given to them.

For the Divination services, you are required to send in your questions in advance. These sessions are held privately as the reader prefers to be completely disconnected with the surroundings in order to attain a state of trance, so to speak.

how do I gift a reading?

You can select the Gift Certificate under the Card Reading Service, and follow the steps to checkout. On the checkout page, you see an added note next to your personal information form. Fill the details regarding the person you are gifting the card reading to.

  • Share the name of the person you would like to gift a card reading, along with the contact details such as email and contact number.
  • An email will be sent to you and the person you are gifting the card reading to with the gift card, who can then proceed to book an appointment with us as per mutual convenience.
  • You can even add a small note to the Gift Certificate to your loved one.

Email or WhatsApp us the details of the note, if any, along with the necessary contact information on enquiry@happysoultarot.com OR +91 97392 39736.

Can I cancel a service and get a refund?

Please refer to the Terms of Service and the Refund Policy pages for clarification on the same. You can review the bottom of the page for further details.

In what languages are the card readings and training sessions available?

The card readings and the training sessions are available in the medium of English and Hindi (Indian language).

Through what medium will the services be provided?

  • All types of Card Reading services are available through E-mail, WhatsApp Voice Notes and Zoom video call. I request you to share your questions with us via E-mail or WhatsApp in advance, for the purpose of time management.
  • All types of Healing services are provided through the medium of distance healing, where in the start date/ day and a particular time is decided upon mutually between the person receiving the healing and our healer.
  • All types of Divination services consisting of Pendulum Dowsing & Automatic Writing are available via E-mail and WhatsApp Voice Notes.
  • All types of training sessions are provided via Zoom video call.

What are the Working Hours?

Services are available on the following days and time:

Weekdays: Tuesday – Friday

11 am – 6 pm IST (Indian Standard Time)

Weekends: Saturday – Sunday

11 am – 6 pm IST (Indian Standard Time)

Closed on: Monday (*Only healing service will continue on this day)