Donate For a Cause

To give back to our planet and its inhabitants in every way that we can, brings about positivity and high vibrations, not just for us but for all those who are a part of this journey.

You can find a few organisations listed below that are mostly small scale and/ or private associations that are run by talented and beautiful individuals. These people are passionate about the animals, children and our planet.

Each of the organisations listed below, is a verified and recognised organisation that works towards the betterment of our ecosystem in general. You can be certain that your donations are put to good use. Please read the Terms Of Service at the bottom of the page for further details.

  1. HELP Animals and Birds Association, Mumbai, India.

This association is founded by Mr. Jayesh Shah, from Mumbai in 2016. It works towards providing “free” medical treatment to stray dogs, cats, and birds, to provide them shelter, to help with adoption of these strays to responsible homes, and to educate people about Animals (Social Awareness).

You can get in touch with them via E-mail: OR Call: (+91) 92233 33338 / 93223 33338 / 98923 33338

Please use the Bank details given above to donate for the cause.

Show your support and spread the word for the work that they do! Follow them on Instagram: @help.animals.birds Facebook: Help animals & birds.