What is my story?

Hi, I am Samiksha, your Tarot Card Reader & Distant Healer and I am thrilled to have you at Happy Soul Tarot.

From a young age, I realised that I was blessed with a gift which enabled me to see and sense things that are oblivious to others. I am blessed with the abilities of Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, and Clairaudience; some unique abilities that enabled me and to assist others on their path to self discovery, happiness, love and healing. Having experienced Spiritual Awakening and Ascension, these divine potentialities came sharply into focus. 

I am deeply grateful to my Guru Mrs. Jasmeet Kaur Ahmed. She was my very first teacher who taught me the basics of Tarot card reading. She introduced me into the magical world of Tarot, which enables one to seek answers and obtain guidance. Her guidance changed my life over the years. Over the past few years, other Teachers and Gurus introduced me to the world of Angel cards and Oracle Cards. This widened my horizon to interpret the different cards picked up for seeking different answers.

In 2014, I mastered Reiki Healing under the guidance of Prof. Dr. V. Sukumaran and Mrs. Shanthi Sukumaran. During this time, I felt like my life path was getting sorted out more and more. As I started clearing up my own blockages and channels, I started to see my true self more. Each day, I would get more drawn to taking up card readings and healing as my full time work. I was even presented my very first Pendulum by Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Bansal, Founder of Global Peace Foundation, and my dear uncle who always saw the best in me, and pushed me to achieve my dreams.

Despite all these inspiring people in my life, including my parents, sister a few close friends, I felt deeply disconnected with my self. In 2015 and again in 2017, a grave feeling of depression and inadequacy came over me. Even though I knew my true calling was to spread healing and joy through the medium of Tarot and Healings, I was sucked into the societal patterns and way of life of “making” money and achieving certain goals at certain ages. It is only now in 2020 that I had a breakthrough from those patterns and embraced my true calling, talents and abilities.

I was Divinely guided to start my journey with an Instagram page on 30th Sept, 2020. I remember waking up that morning and finding myself to be drawing up a logo and creating a page on the App. I added only about 20 people from my main account and said, “many more humans are going to start joining me on this journey now, I am Abundant and guided to guide others”. Soon enough, more and more people started joining my account @happysoul.tarot, and I found myself surrounded by people who were keen on experiencing my services. The decision of starting my very own website came in a similar manner.

When you start accepting yourself wholly, you understand the difference between societal conditioning and your true worth, the real journey that you are guided to take. That is when things just start falling into place.

I would like to take a moment to mention a few people here who have greatly helped me to become the person I am today, from the person I was in the start of 2020. All these amazing, talented, blessed people, have somehow been a part of this life changing journey. I am grateful to Sanjay & Manju, my beautiful, loving parents with childlike energy, my super strong sister Apoorva and baby Kabir. The gorgeous and super talented people Shweta, Aparna, Amna, Mahesh, Joshua, Priyanka and Harneet. All these beautiful souls have been a huge part of the transition that I have undergone and I am deeply grateful for their love, support and patience.

Contact me to begin a serene and cleansing experience. 

Love, happiness and light.

– Samiksha Singhal, Happy Soul Tarot.