Types of Card Readings

Cards have been used for divination for centuries and the community of Cartomancers, also known as card readers, keeps growing everyday. As people become more aware of the light, love and power that these divination cards carry, and that its messages can be accessed through dedicated meditation, yoga, exercise and self care routine, more people started tapping into their sub-conscious and intuition. Although, even though ours is a huge community and it keeps growing everyday, you may not resonate with every card reader. Every reader has a unique style, energy and psychic abilities to offer, hence the card reading and interpretation may differ slightly from person to person.

There are four distinct types of cards that are used for the purpose of divination. These four types of cards being Tarot, Angel, Oracle and Affirmation cards, are read differently but intuitively by the reader. The earliest cards used for divination and spirituality purposes is noted to be the Tarot cards. Then comes Oracle and Angel cards, and finally the Affirmations cards that are fairly recent.

Tarot Cards:

The earliest evidence of a tarot deck used for cartomancy comes from an anonymous manuscript from around 1750. Tarot cards traditionally consists of 78 cards, with each card in a specific order, specific imagery and meaning, and a specific sentiment to it. These cards are used for providing an immediate access into ones deeper self, whether you call this intuition, soul guidance, inner guide, divine messenger or guardian angel. These are universal qualities that are the most basic patterns of human life and feelings, ideas and thoughts. Tarot cards are a unique tool for self understanding, personal development, both as a pathway to finding a meaning and guidance in life which is specific for you and for psychological growth, self awareness and making choices for your future.

Example of Traditional Tarot Cards

Tarot cards can be used for guidance in regards with ones day to day life and major decisions to make. If you have a question about relocating for a new job, you can literally get an insight into how life will be for you if you relocate and take the new job and if you stay where you are doing what you are doing. Even though the interpretations depend greatly on the person reading or interpreting the cards. An experienced and highly psychic developed reader will be able to read much deeper messages from the cards. I speak of that with my 16 years of experience.

These cards are simply mirrors of our emotions, feelings, soul and being. Tarot moves with you. We can project our goodness and badness onto it too.

Oracle Cards:

For those who aren’t interested in learning about the deeper complexities of the Tarot, as a reader, there’s a perfectly good alternative known as Oracle cards. A deck of oracle cards is a divination tool that many people are embracing. They are a little more free-form than Tarot, and a lot of people find them easier to understand and navigate. Typically, an oracle card contains an image and/or an associated phrase or word. The cards can be laid out in any format, and, like the Tarot, are used for guidance and introspection.

Example of Oracle cards

Oracle cards can give guidance on various different topics like the Tarot, but the depth of a message greatly depends on the type of deck, the imagery on the cards, the messages that the card carries on it, and the interpretation by its author and reader. Unlike the Tarot cards, these decks change from creator to creator. Every author and impressionist/ designer has a different vision for their deck. Some of the decks are limited to one specific topic as well. Oracle can be created by any person through channelled messages and guidance. I too, have created a deck for my personal use, called Lovers Oracle cards that gives messages from your partner to you (the seeker), and, I am in the process of creating a new deck currently.

Angel Cards:

Angel Cards are a powerful tool for those seeking guidance in their life with regards with relationships, careers, and finances while giving the recipient some peace of mind and confidence in their decisions. These messages are believed to be from your Angels or Spirit guides.

Example of Angel Cards

Angel cards can be in the form of tarot cards and oracle cards. Angel tarot cards tend to combine inspiring and guiding messages from different angels but based on the general meaning of each tarot card. Angel oracle cards have messages based on themes such as animal archangel card deck, Angel guidance card deck, and so forth or a deck may be based on messages and guidance by a single angel or archangel.

Affirmation Cards:

Affirmation card decks are thoughtful first- person statements that is used to encourage positive thinking, and to shift our mindset at a subconscious level by using them daily. These cards are one of the best tools to alter our subconscious for our greater benefit. Similar to Oracle decks, these cards can be based on a certain theme and topic. They help you to feel calm, positive, optimistic and is invigorating.

Example of Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards do not need to be interpreted. These cards have simple messages on them that can be read out loud or mentally by absolutely anyone at anytime. These self guiding and uplifting messages help us to release our painful situations and behavioural patterns caused by our upbringing, experiences and societal conditioning, and adapt an open, abundant and fulfilling mindset.

As a professional and psychic I use all of the above mentioned types of card decks for the purpose of divination, to receive answers to our questions, and to get some advice & guidance. Every deck has a different energy and vibration to it, I tend to use whichever deck of cards I feel drawn to use for a reading. Messages come to us in many forms and it helps to work with various types of decks to get as many clear messages as possible.